Harlan Hubbard Artwork

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Here are some original photos of Harlan Hubbard and his wife Anna at their home. These have never before been published. The first seventeen were taken by Christy Canida. The last two were taken by Bill Caddell.

Anna Hubbard

Harlan Painting

Anna at the stove

Portrait of Harlan

Harlan with the grinder

Harlan writing at the kitchen table

Harlan and Anna with their dog

Harlan and Anna sitting outdoors

Harlan at the doorway

Harlan and Anna

The Hubbards' house

Anna with lamps

Harlan and Anna playing music

Harlan in the boat

The fireplace

Harlan and Anna making music

Dog relaxing on the rug by the stove

Michael Caddell in Harlan's Studio

Looking out Hubbards' window at the river

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