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The books below will give the reader a better idea of the meaning and importance of Harlan Hubbards life and art. A number of the books are journals of the artist. Also included are, Harlan Hubbard Life and Work by Wendell Berry, and A Conversation with Harlan Hubbard by Wade Hall, as well as a beautiful collection of Hubbard's woodcuts. Additionally there are two videos of the artist. These books are available from the Frankfort Community Public Library, in Frankfort, Indiana, which is the best single source for books and videos on Harlan Hubbard. Profits from the sales of books and tapes go to support the Anna and Harlan Hubbard School of Living. Click here for order form which may be printed out and mailed in. You may click on the titles to see pictures of the covers of the books.

Harlan Hubbard Journals 1929-1944 OUT OF PRINT
These journal entries portray Harlan Hubbard when he was a serious young artist. Trained in the classical tradition of the National Academy of Design, he was repelled by the fashions of contemporary painting, and was searching for his own vision. They record, too, his mixed feelings - a wish for artistic acceptance, a yearning for human society, but withal a commitment to his own way. His sustaining delight in the natural world - the river, the weather, the shape of hill and valley - elemental things, is also clearly evident. ISBN:0-8131-1616-3, hardcover, 202 pages.

Shantyboat on the Bayous $20.00
This tells of Harlan and Anna's voyage of exploration into the remote reaches of Louisiana. For more than a year after reaching New Orleans, the Hubbards meandered through the lush Cajun country on the Intracoastal Waterway, along Bayou Lafourche, through the marshes around Avery Island, and finally up the storied Bayou Teche Toward the farthest point of navigation. In this book, the Hubbards once again demonstrate their gift for living in simple and eloquent harmony with the land. ISBN:0-8131-1717-8, hardcover, 142 pages.

Shantyboat Journal $29.95
This is the edited journal that Harlan Hubbard kept during their shantyboat years. Out of this journal grew Harlan Hubbard's enduring classic, Shantyboat, and his idyllic Shantyboat on the Bayous. ISBN:0-8131-1868-9, hardcover, 378 pages.

Payne Hollow - Life on the Fringe of Society $10.00
This book is the story of the life of Anna and Harlan Hubbard after their shantyboat journeys had come to an end. It details how they searched for and found a place on shore to settle, where they built their home and grew their own food, and independent of machines and cities, followed the way of life of their choice. ISBN:0-917788-29-x, paperback, 168 pages.

Harlan Hubbard Life and Work by Wendell Berry Hartback - OUT OF PRINT, Paperback $15.00
Wendell Berry, another Kentucky writer, with a concern for our Earth and a friend of the Hubbards, looks at their lives in an effort to understand and appreciate what they achieved together and what Harlan accomplished in his paintings and books. Photographs and color plates of some of the paintings are included. ISBN:0-8131-1725-9, hardcover, 108 pages.

The Woodcuts of Harlan Hubbard $27.50
Harlan Hubbard created oil paintings, watercolors, and drawings. He also produced a number of fine woodblock prints throughout his life. Here is a collection of nearly half of Hubbard's known woodcuts, accompanied by selected quotes from his journals. "Harlan's profoundest calling was to see in these transient shapes some enduring clarity of form and relationship, to trace out the loneaments of a timelessness in time and of the heavenly here on earth." From the foreward, by Wendell Berry. (Note: The book now comes with a plain cover. The old cover is shown because it better illustrates the content of the book.) ISBN:0-8131-1879-4, hardcover, 162 pages, 83 plates.

Shantyboat - A River Way of Life $15.00
Shantyboat is the story of a leisurely journey down the Ohio and Mississippi rivers to New Orleans. For most people such a journey is the stuff that dreams are made of, but for Harlan and Anna Hubbard it became a cherished reality. In their small craft, the Hubbards became one with the flowing river and its changing weathers. This book mirrors a life that is simple and independent, strenuous at times, but joyous, with leisure for painting and music, for observation and contemplation. Paperback.

Payne Hollow Journal $24.95
Payne Hollow Journal is the third volume of Harlan Hubbard's journals containing entries from 1951-1986: the years he and Anna lived at their Payne Hollow retreat along the Ohio River's Kentucky shore. Out of these journals Harlan Hubbard wrote Payne Hollow, Life on the Fringe of Society. ISBN:0-8131-1954-5, hardcover, 197 pages.

A Visit with Harlan Hubbard by Wade Hall $15.00
An interview with Harlan Hubbard conducted by Mr. Wade Hall, a Kentucky author, and published by the University of Kentucky Art Library as an occasional paper. In this account Harlan Hubbard discloses more of his financial information than discussed in other sources and relates how he intended to make his life a work of art. ISBN:0-917519-0403, paperback, 60 pages.

Life on the Fringe of Society a video by John Morgan $26.45
Interviews with Anna and Harlan Hubbard, footage of Payne Hollow and also of some of Harlan Hubbard's paintings.

The Harlan Hubbard Story a video by WAVE News, Channel 3, Louisville, KY $14.00
A documentary on the Hubbards and their way of life in Payne Hollow, Kentucky.

Kentucky Life: Harlan Hubbard a video by Kentucky Educational TV $19.95Updating the Legacy - interviews with people influenced by the Hubbards.

ORDERING: These books and videos may be ordered through the Frankfort Community Public Library at the prices listed above, plus $5.00 shipping, $10 outside the US. All prices are in US dollars. Contact Bill Caddell, Library Director, if you are interested in ordering. Frankfort Community Public Library, 208 W. Clinton St. Frankfort, Indiana 46041 Tel: (765) 654-8746. This is the best source of books concerning the life of Harlan Hubbard. Profits from the sales of books and tapes go to support the Anna and Harlan Hubbard School of Living. Click here for order form which may be printed out and mailed in.

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